Tradition and constant research

Traditional in its corporate values and at the forefront of the application of high technology Griggio proposes itself on the international scene as a reality with solid roots in the past but looking to the future.
A total opening to intelligent technology that has as its objective the improvement of product performance and a better response to the need of an increasingly demanding clientele.
All machines within the range are designed by engineers and technicians within the company and comply with European standards in terms of safety.
Thanks to the continuous investments and developments Griggio is able to bring to market new models and versions every year.

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Certificacion ISO 9001-Vision 2000
Product quality guaranteed by continuous and strict controls during the entire production process.

Quality department within the company
Supervision and compliance with quality standards from design to manufacturing to commercialization of the final product.
Creating a repository of information constantly updated, essential to develop new and effective improvements to ensure product excellence.