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From the idea to the lay-out, all inside the company


All GRIGGIO's machineries are designed by the Technical Department inside the company. A breeding ground of ideas, the Technical Department is the throbbing heart of any company who can satisfy at the very best the requests of its customers, thanks to its capability of monitoring the market with attentive look and perspicacity. A necessary operation to gain any information needed by any team of highly qualified professionals; informations which are daily revised in the best way to realize a final product always in the forefront.
Each machine manufactured by GRIGGIO is the result of a path that starts from the design and goes through the realization of prototypes, which after many checks and thanks to the cooperation with qualified departments of the university, and ends with the production and sale of machines capable of satisfying the highest quality standards.


First goal:Total quality

The first goal of company GRIGGIO is to keep high quality standards of the final product as well as of the manufacturing process. Confident of ISO 9001 Vision 2000 Certification the quality of GRIGGIO products is guaranteed by continuous and strict tests during the whole manufacturing process. Responsible for this is the Quality Department inside the company, born to look after the difficult aspect of supervision and respect of the qualitative standards starting from design, going through manufacturing and up to commercialization of the final product.
The Quality is busy filing data, thus creating through the years files of data which are continuously up-dated. A huge amount of data which is essential to develop new and effective improvements on all machines and to guarantee the total quality and the excellence of the product when it is ready to enter the market. All machines manufactured by GRIGGIO company have always been realized with certified and high quality materials and products.profilo_09-10

Open to innovation

Traditional in the founding values of the company and always in the forefront in the application of high technology to its products, GRIGGIO offers itself in the international scenery as a reality with sound roots in the past and projected into the future. GRIGGIO company has always been attentive to any change of the market and to the quick transformation of technology to satisfy any request. GRIGGIO company has always been keen on experiencing the many advantages that innovative solutions may offer to the development and strengthening of its own production. tec2


GRIGGIO company is completely open to a clever technology, to the developments of technics whose goal is the improvement of the performance of the products, to the technological innovation which improves the answer of the company to the requests of customers more and more demanding and abreast with the times.

A service which counts and on which to count  

Efficiency is a firm point of company GRIGGIO. It's guaranteed during the whole process starting from planning and arriving to customer service. It allows the customer to be sure to get a professional and on-time service in each single phase. Above all there is the certainty of a service on which to count. Making this perfect mechanism work, is one of the main points of the company. It has been possible to create it thanks to an efficient scheduling system, studied and improved during the years, which enables to deliver products to the customers always in the set deadlines.tec4tec5

 A symbol, a guarantee  

A symbol with smiling graphics, which shows positivity, confidence and reliability. Label 'G OK' has been thought to highlight and make immediately identifiable and distinguishable in the market the characteristics, which make GRIGGIO products quicker to prepare for work and more efficient to use. 'G', which stays for GRIGGIO, is synonymous of quality, ergonomics, innovation and guaranteed advantages.